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We would like to congratulate George and Kyla on the purchase of their new home in Pineview Valley—and offer them a warm welcome to this beautiful City of Kamloops. Being a young family, it was important for them to be in a desirable neighbourhood, close to parks, schools, and amenities—containing most importantly, a back yard! We were able to find them the perfect spot to call home in no time.

It's no secret that the Kamloops Real Estate market is becoming recognized as a confident and secure investment option for all job types and demographics. Aside from the city’s real estate potential, the true draw for people considering a move, is the city itself and all that it has to offer - the landscape, sense of community, weather, proximity to…

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Every business needs a strong and clean visual presence doesn’t it? We would agree. We’ve tweaked and altered so many designs over the last 10 years that you’d think we’d be great at it by now. Not so much. Of course we know what we like and can distinguish an idea that has potential, but creating a current (but timeless) and identifiable logo that’s tailored to fit our business requires some outside expertise.


After sitting down and evaluating just how much life our current logo had left in it – which we still love the concept of and are greatly appreciative of the artist who gave us EXACTLY what we asked for at the time – we realized that it’s not the easiest to read and process at first glance, not to mention from afar. In the…

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For more than a decade we’ve been helping a lot of great people purchase and sell their Kamloops Real Estate and we’re continually thankful to be providing our expertise. Purchasing a home is the beginning of a great milestone as it's considered the largest transaction you’ll ever make, but fear not, history has proven time and again that Real Estate is one of the best investments you can make.


 To own is a great privilege and while the process can require that most people step way out of their comfort zones, it is a profound accomplishment and should be celebrated as such. This substantial transaction also comes with many responsibilities and disciplines required to protect and maintain the investment. Some of the…

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First things first.

Real Estate can be a very exciting and rewarding process to be involved in. However, before you go house hunting, you should seek out a good mortgage broker to get a mortgage pre-approval in place. Lenders and underwriters require a lot of information in order to conclude a pre-qualified price point that you can shop at; it's best to have your ducks in a row before you start viewing peoples homes. Ask yourself, would you want someone making an appointment to look at your home if they haven't had a professional express confidence in them being able to afford the cost of the home?  We refer to this as "putting the carriage in front of the horse".  Even if your considerations to invest and buy Real Estate are for the future, we would…

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